Phi 1.618

Phi 1.618 is a sustainable luxury leather goods brand made in France. The brand offers a selection of bags, belts, small leather goods, and accessories. Phi 1.618 uses entire hides of exceptional quality “pleine fleur” leather from dead-stock that lies unused from some of the largest and widely known French luxury brands and their associated tanneries. Hides that, until recently, were destroyed instead of up-cycled. By up-cycling, Phi 1.618 reduces its environmental impact in the fashion industry and the world, while still guaranteeing the best quality and durability of product. What’s more, all of the models are produced in France. The carbon footprint of each product and of the brand is therefore significantly reduced, as each one doesn’t make a trip around the world.


Free 14-Day Returns

No Animal Testing
No Fur