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Something Wicked

Something Wicked is an independent British brand. All our luxury lingerie carefully handmade in the UK using the most exquisite materials such as ethically sourced Japanese plonge leather. Amidst today's fast fashion market, we provide a more sustainable, more unique service. Never off-the-rack, every piece is made to order. Slip into our lingerie, and you'll feel as sensational as you look, knowing every detail has been composed with as much care, forethought and integrity as possible, by our talented seamstresses in the heart of the old textile industry in Leeds. Our beautiful leather accessories are handmade by a female saddler in the UK, our 100% natural wax leather polish is handmade by an award-winning beekeeper from London. Run by women, made by women, for the empowerment of women.
Preferred Animal Material
Happy Worker
Skilled Artisan
Independent Brand