The Universal Soul Company

A Luxury Emporium for the Soul. A Sensory Experience for the Heart. Based on the 5 Senses.

The Universal Soul Company is more than a business or a lifestyle brand. It's a call to people at a time when technology and social media play a huge part in our lives, to value our senses and have the courage to share this unique experience of being human.

It has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of being a responsible brand that minimises our environmental footprint whilst maximising our social good.

Founded by Sara Griffiths, actress, qualified Spiritual Mentor & wellness expert, she champions the freedom found from personal 'inner' work, and yet is a huge lover of 'outer' beautiful things - buildings, interiors, objects, and the luxury things in life - but felt all too often the message was that the two couldn't sit together - integrating them is the challenge - and so The Universal Soul Company was born.

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