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Horoscope Deep Dive: Leo Lovin'

by Wolf & Badger

Leo season is here! Let's get into what Leo season has in store, and dive deeper in 'Leo' by Stella Andromena, published by Hardie Grant Publishing, available in our London store or via Papersmiths website.


Leo is often immediately obvious, even from the other side of the room, and certainly once they’ve opened their mouths to speak. They tend to have a larger-than-life personality and actively enjoy being noticed and admired, adored and appreciated, often deliberately working to engage the attention of the crowd to achieve this. Leo is almost never a shrinking violet or a wallflower; but mixed with this exuberant and outgoing approach is a very real affection and loyalty for their family and friends.There’s not much they won’t do for those they love and they are generous with their time and gifts. Ruled by the Sun, Leo also likes to shine on their world whether it’s large or small, radiating energy and exuding cheerfulness like a sunny day. That energy often makes them strongly creative, whether in artistic or business endeavours, and even with an eye to their own legacy, sometimes to the extent of wanting to be immortalised in some way through their creation of something of lasting value. If you hear a man or woman being dubbed as being a golden boy or girl, or of living a gilded life the chances are they're a Leo.

Leo is also an idealist with a strong, almost child-like inner vision, and a self-belief that’s difficult to thwart. Even if circumstances challenge it, they believe things will go well and will make them so, as they believe in their own positive destiny. It’s partly this that makes them successful, although the downside of such conviction can sometimes blind them to how badly they are behaving in order to get things their own way. For the leader of the pack, being a team player isn’t always a priority, which can be their undoing, as pride often comes before a fall from grace. If they do trip up, after making a bit of a song and dance about it, Leo tends to lick their wounds, pick themselves up, dust themselves down and start all over again: lesson learned. Leo’s extroverted nature makes them the life and soul of the party, and they will go to some lengths to embrace the theatrical and the dramatic. This can sometimes translate into everyday life as attention seeking and showing off, which are the less attractive features of Leo. Also, pride might be a feature – like the proud lion – a characteristic which can lead Leo to behave like their own worst enemy. Luckily, their sunny nature often compensates for these occasional failings, and they are quick to make amends.

The Leo Woman

If the Leo man is king, then the Leo woman embodies all the queenly virtues. She is romantic, intense, uninhibited and knows her rightful place is on a pedestal.This, combined with a very direct approach, can make her seem quite bold and a tad imperious, but dig a little deeper for her softer side with some truly meant compliments and attention and she’ll retract her claws.

The Leo Man

A natural flirt with an appreciative eye, the Leo man can sometimes be so busy putting on a performance, he hardly notices when someone is giving him the eye. A bit like the lion, he’s likely to enjoy the pursuit and when he’s interested, it’s easy to tell as he turns the full beam of his attention towards his goal.

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