Paper Mache Rainbow Beagle

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Whether you’re a Beagle enthusiast or just needing a handsome fellow to feature in your home decor, why not buy our papier mache Beagle? He’s gentle, friendly and projects all the fabulous energy of a spirit willing to follow that trail right to the end.

Caribbean Craft's skilled artisans here in Haiti have carefully designed this papier-mache Beagle, aiming to capture the spirit of his vivacious nature and unshakable determination.

Beagle is a free standing paper mache art piece and made from 100% recyclables. Here at Caribbean Craft we use all-natural arrowroot, or cassava starch glue and ensure all our business practices follow strict fair trade and sustainability practices. We believe in a a better life for everyone, everywhere.

Sustainability guarantees

Are all items in your collection made with at least 50% recycled or up-cycled materials? (only applies if you are an apparel, accessories, jewellery or homeware brand)

Is your collection made exclusively in your studio or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people? There should be a focus on preserving artisanal production methods and skilled workers in order to qualify.

Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?

Caribbean Craft

Haiti is where I call home. I have had a long-standing love affair with the intricate gingerbread houses and the sunset on Haiti’s highest peaks. These are the spaces that nurtured my creative spirit.

My urge to create began early on, daydreaming in the school yard and during after-school visits to the local craft vendors as I got my hands on materials, textures, scrapes collected and inspired by home. Cultural influences taught me to be a bold expression of my country, of my heritage. I wanted to pour this raw energy into a set of unique creations that the artisans of Haiti and I could offer to the world.

Caribbean Craft has been innovating for over 15 years. Our goal is to produce uniquely beautiful upcycled items that are an expression of my country’s artisans and that you feel will elevate your decor.

I think of them as tiny ambassadors… Ambassadors to YOU, on the other side of the mountains and seas, ready to receive a piece of me, a piece of Haiti. A piece you can feel good about, knowing we work to transform the ordinary into something EXTRAORDINARY and in a way that strengthens a collective of deserving men and women.


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