Artessorio is a contemporary handbag label conceived by Patray Lui, a Netherlands-based Hong Kong designer and illustrator. Growing up in the vibrant city of Hong Kong as well as having years of charmed European living in Italy and the Netherlands, Patray's multi-cultural life experience and creative background bring a very unique perspective to Artessorio's design. She was particularly influenced by the art and culture of Italy, where she received her founding design education. The brand name 'Artessorio' is creatively made up by two Italian words: Arte & Accessorio, being art and accessory, which means to be a homage to the Italian artistry. Artessorio celebrates the elegance of modern and style-conscious women with a flair for art and design. Using pattern and illustration art, Artessorio create accessories which are uniquely styled, for women who are always questing for originality.

Coming from a design background that focuses on only using digital tools, Patray was curious to learn more from the traditional way of making things. During her living in Italy, she was always impressed and inspired by Italian leather craftsmanship. In 2009, through an exceptional occasion, she conceived “Artessorio” and started off the brand with a Hong Kong based manufacturing partner as a mini experimental project along her design career. Taking a contemporary design vision into traditional leather artistry, she started her debut collection with intricate leather bags with uniquely laser cut pattern. This signature design style marks the identity of the Artessorio brand. Since 2016, she teamed up with Italian artisans to craft her design collections and ensure her products would always the best quality. Her quest on quality in design, materials and finishing is her response to the slow living style that she believes in.

VAT: 259794144B01