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Self Published Jewellery

Luxury demi-fine jewellery with less waste, for those with rebellious taste. Self-Published pieces are designed to tell stories through symbols, encouraging wearers to collect pieces in a personal and powerful way. Each piece was meticulously designed by three best friends who met working in the industry, coming together with a desire to work more sustainably and create unexpected, rule-breaking pieces to treasure. Casted using recycled sterling silver, 14 carat gold vermeil and precious & semi-precious stones. Customers can combine different gold vermeil charms to tell their own story. We’re here to encourage, witness and own truth. We’re letting go of what others think, and leaning into how we feel. We’re with the rule-breakers and troublemakers.
Skilled Artisan
Re/Upcycled Materials
Responsible Packaging
Happy Worker
Independent Brand