Life is stressful. While that sounds like an understatement,— the need for an antidote and the importance of self care was not central to me some years back.  I was leading a business group for an international brand and the stress was immense. I sort of ignored my body’s “help!” signal which is never a good call. I developed severe stress acne and begun a detailed search for a product hope in a bottle which eventually led me to the clinical team I now partner with at Freya + Bailey.

We have formulated a range that addresses the various skin concerns caused by stress , pollution and other modern day realities. In addition to this, we have enriched them with therapeutic essential oil aromas to help destress minds and skin . The mind - body connection is real.

Does wearing a face mask cause spots? What other sorts of skin issues might we experience?

Since masks come in direct contact with your face and often rub or chafe the skin in certain areas they can cause frustrating issues like acne , hyperpigmentation or contact dermatitis. Despite this, we all know that covering our faces is an important step in curbing the spread of COVID-19,  it just means you’ll need to pay extra attention to caring for your skin. 

What products would you recommend someone uses on a daily basis to look after their skin when they’ve been wearing a face mask?

 In essence it’s all about protecting and restoring your skin barrier If there were two must do's in relation to this,  they would be to use a super hydrating cleanser, like our AWAKE! Recharge Face, then apply a  nourishing moisturiser,  like QUENCH! Clarifying to the bridge of your nose, around your ears, jawline, cheek bones, and anywhere else where the mask might be rubbing. These tend to be the most forgotten areas in fact.

What about a weekly ritual – especially since we might not want to go for facials just yet?

If you’re dealing with redness or irritation as a result of wearing face masks then a weekly, at home mud mask is a game-changer. Vitamin C-based antioxidants ones are best , look also for some with a gentle ingredient like  coconut or olives to soothe irritation. Our GRAY!Minx mask is blended with calming shea butter and clay to rejuvenate your skin and leave it inflammation-free. 

 Try also to go beyond the product solution to appreciation of the ritual itself by carving out time each week explicitly for this. So much of beauty is the tactile experience .The scents and actual ritual of using products and feeling and smelling them is a de-stressing moment and opportunity for healing at the beginning or end of your day. Breathe.

And finally, what’s the secret behind your own glowing skin?

I try to mix it up according to my schedule. As a busy mum of two with their own business , time for myself  is variable and often in short supply. I'm a fan of instant-gratification glow, products like our DOYENNE! Miracle face serum-  with natural exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acid to slough off dead skin cells, leaving your complexion clear and radiant. It's lactic acid is one of my favorites- ours is plant derived, gentle enough for most skin types and doesn’t dry out the skin–it just leaves it glowing and flawless.

I combine this with  a vitamin C abundant hydrator like FORTE! Collagen moisturiser. I consider vitamin C  the" little black dress of skincare" - we've fortified our Freya + Bailey "ingredient wardrobe" range with it as it protects with antioxidant power immediately after application, and over time, helps to brighten skin,  even its tone and reverse the effects of stress and environmental damage. It's truly an essential part of my daytime skin-care routine and keeps my skin protected and glowing. Instant care" quick- fixes" are great need to be combined with solutions that are working below the surface to promote long term skin health.