Hair density is mostly interchanged with full hair. Hair density simply refers to the amount of hair in a unit area of the head. Based on this definition, hair can be classified as having high, medium or low density. Hair density can change with time and can be affected by many factors like genetics, medications, stress or grooming/styling practices. Regardless of what hair type you have, paying attention to your hair care routine can ensure you keep those tresses healthier and fuller for longer. Below are some of our tips for fuller awesome hair.


A clean scalp is crucial for healthy hair. Build-up of dirt can clog pores which will inhibit the growth of hair follicles and can cause in-grown hairs and painful bumps. A dirty scalp is also not aesthetically pleasing and is a prime attraction for germs, flaking scalp and dandruff.

 Less is more regarding how frequently you need to wash your curly hair. You do not want to strip your hair of its natural essential oils. For tightly coiled/afro hair, we recommend not more than once a week. However, if your hair gets greasy too quickly, you may need more frequent shampooing.


  • Preserve barrier function of your hair by using non - anionic shampoo (aka shampoo formulated without SLSs). If you have curly hair, this is even more important because curly hair has less hair density fibers. You may also need to exfoliate or clarify periodically. In this case, be sure to use products that are scalp friendly and non irritating.
  • If your hair is particularly dry and damaged, consider pre-shampoo treatment before shampooing. Do invest in high quality virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is particularly recommended as it has very high affinity for hair proteins and therefore reduces protein loss than most other oils.
  • Stimulate your scalp: Try and get as much blood flow on your scalp as much as possible. Good blood circulation in your scalp can stimulate hair growth. You can do this in many ways e.g., scalp massage, using a high-quality scalp brush. Combining a gentle scalp massage with the right shampoo can also be effective.


Hair is a non-living. It cannot repair itself. You have to put back what is lost from your hair to keep it healthy. So, after cleansing your hair, the next step is pampering the hair itself. One of the ways is to condition regularly to maintain the health of the hair and prevent hair loss or breakage.

One characteristic of damaged hair is its low cysteine content. Cysteine is an amino acid which attaches to keratin to form disulphide bonds. These bonds give integrity and strength to the hair fibers. Hair is likely to snap at the weakest point. Less hair means less volume.


  • Consider high quality Broccoli seed, Flax seed or Rice Bran oil in your haircare routine. These oils have high cysteine content and fatty acids which can replenish the lost cysteine along the hair. We highly recommend Forgiveness-our moisture restoring conditioner. It is a light und ultra-moisturising conditioner suited for all hair types. And yes, its made with Broccoli seed oil.

  • In addition to the above, also incorporate hydrolysed proteins in your hair care routine. Cysteine has a very high affinity for proteins. They combine to form covalent bonds which can improve the quality of the hair. Our conditioning cream Serendipity is our choice if you are looking for a capable leave in conditioner to help repair your hair.Deep condition regularly: Depending on the state of your hair, you should deep condition every other week. Deep conditioning replenishes essential lipids / ceramides lost through shampooing or physical/chemical assaults on your hair. Look for ceramide rich deep conditioners like the Hello Gorgeous or Cloud Nine Silk Mask.

  • Consider volumising products: If your hair needs additional help, there are specially designed volumising products that can support your hair. An example is the Ikemian Volumising Collection. Products in this Collection are made with ingredients like caffeine, aloe vera, ginger, argan oil, pea peptides to support volume without weighing the hair down.