Sachini is a luxury fashion label handmade in London. Sachini is designed for elegant women who wish to feel empowered and confident. We embrace timelessly classic style. It is for women to feel strong, beautiful and the best versions of themselves. We wish our customers to love and enjoy style as they walk the streets, as they go to work, relax on holidays, raise children and live life through every day. Every piece in our collection is a piece of art, born from our passion and from the scrutiny that is applied at every stage during the crafting of a new piece. We seek the best fabrics that Great Britain and Italy has to offer and we attend to the finest details of the pieces we work on. Handmade - We believe in the highest quality of craftsmanship behind every single piece that we produce. Luxury -The luxurious nature of great comfort in spectacular elegance. Made in London - A product from home, providing opportunities for local talent in the heart of London. Attention to detail - Details is where we focus on making a breathtaking product with finest of touches. Sustainability - As our responsibility to the society and the environment we ensure that every piece is handmade by our creative team here in London using the fabrics and accessories sourced within UK and Italy.