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How To Your Activate Your Divine Feminine

by Myriam Achour Soumati

The divine feminine is a genderless energy. You have it, I have it, we all have it. Alongside the divine masculine, they come together to create a world of harmony - however this is not always the case in reality. 

In 2020, I joined a female business workshop led by Pandora Paloma, focused on expansion, through a blend of strategy, spirituality and sorority.

At the beginning of my journey, I realised I was mostly ruled by masculine energy, both divine and wounded. Always focused on the doing, action, logic, productivity, giving. While these are useful qualities, especially when starting a business, the accompanying feelings of fear, control, stress, anxiety… were not so great. 

I realised that there was one area in my life where I was truly intuitive and present in the now - my art. When I create, I let my soul, heart and body lead the dance. I’m in flow, I don’t try to force or control it. That’s when I feel the safest within myself. 

When I’m connected to my divine feminine, I feel hopeful and in love with life, it’s as if she is my saviour, my healer. So, intuitively and inspired by the incredible women in my sisterhood, I connected more with this divine feminine within and my daily life changed. 

How to connect with your divine feminine


I started dancing. With myself. 

I now dance every single day. Moving my body without thinking and only for myself. Try it! It’s liberating, calming and energising.


I started journaling. From the simple to do list to writing down how I feel. Journaling helps me go within and reflect on things, big and small. It also helps me go deeper to explore my creativity. Some days if I’m feeling blocked, I’ll draw a tarot card from my beautiful Self-care Neo Tarot deck by Jerico Mandybur and reflect on the message it holds for me.

Practice self-love & self-care 

I also started practising self-love and self-care. For real. To my body, heart and my soul. 

Allowing time for rest. Not planning anything too strenuous or social around my period. Saying no and setting boundaries with situations or people that feel energy depleting. Telling my inner child she is safe and seen and how much I love her. New moon and full moon rituals opened myself to receive. Cooking wholesome food and connecting with it - the colours, the smells - before eating it. Incorporating these habits has made me feel more connected and compassionate to myself. 

I restarted my yoga and meditation practice, as well as feeling stronger and more confident, it has helped me to be in a state of flow.  

Embrace all your emotions 

And welcome them without judgement. 

As a Leo and highly sensitive person, my emotions are intense. I cry a lot, as a form of release. But I now understand that tears are medicine. 

I’m very lucky to have a partner who possesses many divine feminine qualities, who supports and encourages me in that way. Of course, it’s a constant work in progress and a practice. 

I love freedom! Especially the freedom to do things my way, to be whoever I want to be and to keep moving towards whatever feels like truth. Being open and flexible are sacred feminine qualities.

Nurture your work 

Embracing and activating my divine feminine has nurtured my art in all kinds of ways. From my creation process to subject matter. 

Being free to be who we truly are - diverse, bare and shameless - in harmony with each other and nature. This is the story of The Atlas Mountains Sisterhood, the series of paintings I exhibited at Open House Hackney, in London in November 2021 and at The Other Art Fair virtual edition in June 2022. 

Painting the female nude is a celebration of body diversity and positivity. As therapeutic as it is for me, I hope to bring this healing energy to others through my art. I purposely keep the faces of my women abstract to leave space for your imagination. My intention is for you to connect to your own emotions and activate the divine feminine within you, whatever gender you choose to identify to.

My aim is to take you on a journey of beauty, aliveness and meaningfulness to help you connect to your heart, to feel empowered, unapologetic, present and free. As I empower myself, I empower you… And as you do habibi, let the ripple effect go wild.