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Horoscope Deep Dive: Sagittarius

by Wolf & Badger

Sagittarius season is here! Stella Andromena tells us all about the Sagittarius sign and what to expect during this astrological season. Read more in 'Sagittarius' by Stella Andromena, published by Hardie Grant Publishing, available in our London store or via Papersmiths website.


Sagittarius is all about independence of mind, body and spirit, and this lies at the heart of their approach to life, and a very positive approach it is, too. Positivity radiates from them because in Sagittarius’ world, anything and everything is possible: they are seriously optimistic about life’s possibilities and somehow this seems to open doors for them, not least because their positivity is hard to resist. All this makes them very attractive to be around, but the downside is that they may not be around for long. 

This independence of spirit can make Sagittarius very restless, always in pursuit of new ideas, places and people. Along with this independence is a curiosity and a desire for wisdom. Those arrows fired by the archer into the air? They also represent the pursuit for higher knowledge. Essentially, Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer and philosopher and will fire those metaphorical ideas from their bow, then rush off to see where they land, making them an interesting mix of animal instinct and enlightened thinking. Anything can spark the fire of their intellectual curiosity.That pot of gold at the rainbow’s end? The minute that rainbow appears, Sagittarius is already out the door trying to find out whether that pot of gold really exists–at least metaphorically speaking. While Sagittarius may be such good company, kind and jovial, they are sometimes so gregarious it can be hard to keep up. 

Sagittarius isn’t superficial, but the only chance of grabbing their attention probably comes from being seen – out of sight can mean out of mind – and while they are capable of picking up a friendship where they left off, others may not find it so easy. This perplexes Sagittarius as they have no wish to hurtanyone’s feelings. But they won’t dwell on this thought for long–as they are already onto the next big thing.

All this happy-go-lucky attitude that is Sagittarius’ style can mean others sometimes have to pick up the pieces as they chase off after another grand plan, leaving unfinished work, missed deadlines and forgotten appointments lying in their wake. The never-apologise, never-explain attitude can sometimes irk more conscientious types, but the relentless enthusiasm and willingness to make amends can soften the hardest hearts. Along the way,though, they do learn some aspects of responsibility, and Sagittarius is often the first to volunteer to help or do a favour for a friend. Sheer big-heartedness means they will seldom let their friends down–as long as they’re not temporarily distracted by something else!

The Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman may be immediately noticeable by the way she tosses her head and seems to flare her nostrils, sniffing new adventures and trotting off, a trail of admirers in her wake. A natural flirt and oblivious to her effect, a partner’s best bet is to travel alongside until she can’t live without them.

The Sagittarius Man

Sociable by nature, this is a man with a lot of friends who is often out with his mates, playing team sports, down the pub or generally hanging out and shooting the breeze. Anyone interested had better be aware of this and find a way onto his team,as it’s often the way he keeps those who love him at arm’s length.

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