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Horoscope Deep Dive: Virgo

by Wolf & Badger

Virgo season is here! Let's get into what Virgo season has in store, and dive deeper in 'Virgo' by Stella Andromena, published by Hardie Grant Publishing, available in our London store or via Papersmiths website.


Traditionally represented by the virgin, or chaste corn-maiden, there is something of a paradox about Virgo, because this sign is also linked to the creative and fertile Earth Mother. We could say Virgo is all about abundance, but abundance that is often kept in check. That reserve is all part of their modus operandi, and keeping something back means that they are always prepared, like the proverbial boy scout.

Need a piece of string or a clean pair of socks? Virgo won’t let you down.There’s something very fastidious, analytical and detail-oriented about Virgo, too, as they go about making their lists, finessing their spreadsheets and ensuring things happen to schedule. They are a wonderful employee as they never drop the ball, but this can sometimes be to their own detriment, as they can get stuck as a ‘handmaiden’ rather than a boss, which is a shame, as they are very good at running their own show, too.

Sometimes accused of being rather boring, Virgo is also genuinely capable of fun (once the chores are done!) and as an earth sign operates happily on a physical, sensual level. They are very comfortable in their bodies, well coordinated and deft in movement, even while operating so well in their minds, thanks to the influence of their ruling planet, Mercury, which is all about intelligent communication. They are practical but discriminating, conscientious but warm, with a unique combination of opposites that can sometimes clash and cause them stress, because they never, ever want to let anyone down. 

Again, there may be something of a paradox at first glance, as their desks (and handbags) can look untidy, but this is to do with their innate creativity, on which their practical side can usefully deliver. And, generally, Virgo will know where everything is, because they’ve kept a record in their very self-sufficient head, for a start. For Virgo, who can be wonderfully objective, criticism is seldom personal and usually helpfully meant, and they can be just as self-critical, cutting themselves even less slack than they allow others. Spontaneity isn’t exactly their first instinct and they tend to hold back, trying too hard sometimes to get things right rather than get them done. All this conscientiousness can spill over into an obsession with making sure everything is perfect, but luckily most Virgos have a good dose of realism that protects them from the worst of their own intentions.

The Virgo Woman 

Flirting isn’t a Virgo forte, so this woman’s seductive tendency is to be very direct, which can make her seem rather intense on first meeting. But Virgo is a mutable sign, so she can also adapt comfortably to her companions or lovers – once she’s sized them up. Although This woman can be a bit of an enigma, her cool approach belies a very warm heart.

The Virgo Man 

On first meeting, it would be easy to think that this man is the strong silent type but he's just getting the measure of the situation. Once he’s got you in his sights, he is genuine and will tend to show his love in practical ways – like putting up a bookshelf. But he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve,so it’s not always easy to tell he has a sensitive soul.

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