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Talking Holistic Health With Wild Nutrition

by Wolf & Badger

Henrietta Norton BSc Dip NT is a highly regarded nutritional practitioner and women’s health expert, bestselling author and co-founder of award-winning supplement brand Wild Nutrition, a leader in Food-Grown® formulations. In 2021, Wild Nutrition became B Corp Certified. We chat with her to uncover what Wild Nutrition focuses on and how we can focus on our health this winter season.

Where did the idea to launch Wild Nutrition first come from?

Prior to Wild Nutrition, I had been working as a nutritional therapist and product formulator for over ten years. During this time, I became acutely aware that the products and ingredients used in the products could and should be better. Wild Nutrition was born out of a need to create, uncompromisingly high-quality, natural and effective ingredients, and formulations that genuinely reflected the needs of the women I saw in the clinic.   

What sets Wild Nutrition apart from other supplement brands?

Both the formulation and the Food-Grown® production method that we use. Our formulations are inspired by the real women and stories we have worked with and listened to, over the 18 years of working as a team of nutritional therapists. We strongly believe that health should be uncompromising and that the ingredients that go into products and our bodies should be as natural and effective as possible. This is why we use Food-Grown® nutrients, a way of producing our nutrients in a way that retains the power of nature and, as clinical studies confirm, is better absorbed by the body.

Can you tell us a little bit about what your day-to-day routine looks like?

This really depends on the day and the week, but it nearly always starts at 6 am to feed the menagerie of animals we seem to have collected, followed by a cup of tea, getting the children up and ready for school and either my husband or I will drop the kids whilst the other takes the dogs for a walk. If it’s a work day I'll head into the office for typically a mixture of meetings, product development or content creation. I am a trained yoga teacher, and daily yoga and stillness practice is a stalwart of my daily routine too. 

As we move into the coldest months of the year, are there any shifts would you advise W&B readers to make in terms of their supplement intake? 

This is a really good time of the year to make thoughtful changes to your supplement and dietary habits. Working in alignment with the seasons is a good guide and so at this time, it is about going slower where you can, building in warming foods and using foods and supplements that help our bodies to restore balance from a busy Christmas period and build immunity against the inevitable exposure to colds and flu. I would recommend using a foundational product such as our Daily Essentials range which has been formulated to provide all the key nutrients women need as well as a sustainably-sourced Omega 3 and Vitamin D. 

Congratulations on your B Corp certification! What does this mean to you personally, as well as for Wild Nutrition?

Thank you. This is our second year as a B Corp Certified business, and it is possibly the greatest achievement for me as Founder because it validated the foundation on which our business was built. Since the beginning, we have vowed to do no harm to the planet or people and contribute to the restoration of human and planetary health by using ingredients that respect the law of nature along with packaging materials that didn't contain plastic. This was over 10 years ago before B Corp was known in the UK and so it is incredibly rewarding to now be part of a movement wanting to impact positive change in how the world does business. 

What’s next for Wild Nutrition?

It is an inspiring time, with an exciting pipeline of products to launch over the coming 12 months and plans to explore more geographical territories. 

Why are you Wolf & Badger fans?

I’ve been a committed fan of Wolf & Badger for years. Beyond the fabulous and diverse offering, your ethos is very aligned to our own and in an industry dominated by big, fast fashion brands it is such a joy to have a brand that celebrates and gives visibility to highly talented, independent brands and creators. Thank you for doing what you do!