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Making The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe With Alizé Demange

by Alizé Demange

Alizé Demange is a fashion stylist and creative consultant, known for her unique style and creative flair. As we move into spring, we caught up with Alizé to get her top tips on how to make the most out of your wardrobe. 

We all want different things from our wardrobes. These can include better organisation, confidence, minimalism or a complete overhaul. Use your reason as inspiration on how you approach the next four steps and make full use of your clothes.


As we approach a fresh, new season, use it as a means for a spring clean. Let go of clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit, you haven’t worn in a significant amount of time or things you are not sorry to see go. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless! Giving your wardrobe an in-depth clear-out will show you what you love, like or what you haven’t even worn yet (queue new inspo). It also really highlights what pieces are your staples, and what trends to avoid in future, helping cultivate your own sustainable wardrobe. 

Photography by Bardha Krasniqi


There may be a few items in your wardrobe that you love but need repairing/altering. It's definitely the kind of thing that can easily be left on the back burner but try and prioritise giving those items a new lease of life before thinking about buying anything new. Pieces in your wardrobe that are no longer serving you but could definitely serve someone else please donate, sell or swap! There are so many online selling platforms that could give you that extra cash in exchange for your preloved goods. Remember if you are donating items, please make sure you are donating pieces in a decent condition.


We all need/have staples whether it's that crisp white tee, sturdy pair of jeans or classic loafers. 

Investing in and maintaining quality staples which aren’t trend-led will help you get more out of your wardrobe. Make these staples your base when creating new looks or upgrading old ones. I personally love elevating my staples with accessories and statement pieces from my ongoing collection. Shopping vintage and pre-loved is a great, sustainable way of sourcing one-of-a-kind statement pieces as well as quality staple garments. Also, shopping from small businesses that specialise in “slow fashion” is another way of investing in unique pieces, helping the local economy and supporting the planet.


This might be a sad revelation for a lot of shopping addicts, but cutting down on shopping at random and instead only searching for specific items that have purpose within your wardrobe, means your clothes will stand the test of time. When an item catches your eye, think about how you will style it, how often you’ll wear it and if you actually LOVE it! 

Implementing these steps has definitely brought me more joy in getting dressed every morning, saved me some money and helped me make more conscious decisions around sustainability and fashion.