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Making Y2K Work: A Complete Guide to Fashion's Biggest Comeback

by Ezgi Unaldi

Crop tops, bling rings, and bedazzled… everything. Y2K fashion is back on the scene. But not everything from the time of low rise jeans and layered t-shirts should make a comeback. So what are the best ways to bring Y2K into 2023? Streetwear brand Jurban has created a Y2K fashion guide for you, so you can get ahead of upcoming trends and find tasteful Y2K inspiration for today’s outfits. 

Fashion is famous for its major comebacks — the 70s and the 90s have had their turn recently — and now Y2K is infiltrating wardrobes once again. 

But what is this Y2K fashion, anyway? Y2K is the aesthetic of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. To sum it up in three words: fun, vibrant, and futuristic (or at least futuristic in the noughties). New technologies and the internet were on the rise, and fashion reflected that. 

What is Y2K fashion?

Where Did Y2K Fashion Come From?

While streetwear has drawn its inspiration from hip hop culture, Y2K fashion is all about pop. The it girls were Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Destiny’s Child. Cult movies like Clueless and Mean Girls were key fashion moments.

As we fast forward to today, it’s platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok that are changing the fashion industry. TikTok influencers have led the charge on the Y2K fashion comeback, with content creators seeing the potential for self-expression and individuality in the styles we were all wearing 20 years ago. 

But it’s this that is key to why Y2K fashion will keep coming back around. It’s all about showing your individuality with colours, graphics and attention-grabbing accessories. The carefree vibes and nostalgia of the noughties is appealing to Gen Z as it did to Millennials the first time around. 

Jurban’s latest collection “Millennial Metaverse” is inspired by this desire to create a new style with a touch of nostalgia. 

Want to bring Y2K back to your own wardrobe? Here are the 5 pieces you need to create 2000s-inspired looks that maintain your 2020s cool. 

Crop Tops 

Crop tops are at the core of Y2K fashion. While they emerged in the 2000s, their peak is definitely happening now. Before you scroll: any one of any age can pull off a crop top. For a grown-up take, keep the base of your outfit simple with a high rise jean and pair with an effortless layer like a linen blazer. Ready to go full Y2K? Pull on a pair of low rise pants to feel like you’ve just walked out of a Destiny’s Child music video. 

How to style Y2K crop tops

Low-Rise Is Back

Speaking of… Low rise is, well, on the rise. I’m sure many actual Millennials hate this trend. We’ve all got at least one “what were we thinking” photo featuring a low-rise jean. But when you style it correctly, low rise can make for a fun, sexy outfit. Try a fitted tank and leather jacket, or even a button down for a more adult take on the style. 

Slogan Looks

If you think it, you must wear it. Those in the know are making sure everyone else also knows by wearing their thoughts on their tees. We know what Paris Hilton would say: “THAT’S HOT!”.

Styling slogan tees

Millennial Pink

You can’t sit with us! As they say in Mean Girls, on Wednesdays we wear pink. And on Mondays. And Tuesdays. And—this shade is everywhere, okay? Whether you’re pulling out old pink favourites or investing in new pretty in pink pieces, you need this colour in your rotation. 

how to wear Millennial pink

Futuristic Vibes

When we entered the new Millenium, technology was getting bigger and better everyday. Fashion followed suit, with metallics, sharp vests, and statement sunglasses dominating. For the completely dedicated, add an old cellphone to your look for a true throwback. 

Whether you loved it or hated it at the time, there are some definite gems to be found in the realms of Y2K fashion. With a selective eye, you can bring it into this decade in style.