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The Cottage-core And Sustainability Connection With Tess And Sarah

by Kyrsta Anderson

In the midst of a fast-paced society that emphasizes hustle mentality and overconsumption, remembering to slow down can be difficult. We caught up with twin influencers Tess and Sarah to talk about all things cottage-core and how the cottage-core lifestyle translates into slower living and making sustainable choices. From soaking up the sunshine to frolicking in floral dresses, and making fresh homemade meals, it’s all about slowing down and being present with the little things. 

Tell us a little bit about you guys! 

We moved to California from Dallas, Texas almost two years ago and absolutely love it so far; we have always been ocean lovers and it’s honestly such a dream! We both love cooking healthy meals (find our green summer pasta recipe here!), organizing little details around our home, and just being in the sun when possible (I mean who doesn’t?). We both have recently been loving a slow and steady lifestyle & really got to grow our appreciation for that over the winter. It has been such a shift in how we live our day-to-day lives, which is absolutely amazing! Overall, we’re loving every little detail of life, even the ones that aren’t so fun.

What is cottagecore and what does a cottagecore lifestyle mean to you?

To us, cottage-core definitely means slow & sustainable living, being outdoors, cooking meals from fresh ingredients, and overall just being present in the little details of life that are so easily rushed through! We absolutely adore everything to do with cottage-core & definitely feel like it’s a way to describe how we aim to live, and our style of course!

Did you guys always prioritize slow living? How does slow living connect to sustainability?

Prioritizing slow living has definitely been a process and wasn’t something that happened overnight! We started to prioritize it right about when we moved to California, I think being by the ocean and seeing nature in such a flourishing way has really impacted our lifestyle. Slow living by simply being present in each thing that we do connects to sustainability in so many ways! Just picking up local goods from a farmers market to cook meals or grabbing a glass straw instead of plastic has such a big impact, compared to rushing around to find shortcuts to those little things.

How can you create the perfect cottage-core home and outfit?

The perfect cottage-core home would have a beautiful collection of bright dishes and long-lasting cookware! It would also have cosy handmade rugs, soft sofas, floral decor & anything that basically screams garden dream! For a fun cottagecore outfit, a sweater and dress combo is something you can never go wrong with, and it’s definitely one of our favorite everyday styles.