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Why Your Wellness Routine Should Include Aromatherapy Candles

by Karen Maxwell

Not only do scented candles smell wonderful, but when made with pure essential oils they provide incredible benefits to mental and physical wellbeing through aromatherapy. 

Plants such as lavender, geranium and eucalyptus are very aromatic and are distilled to extract and isolate essential oils which have various different health properties. 

Whether you take a while to get going in the morning or are struggling to de-stress after a long day, incorporating pure essential oil candles into your daily routine provides a range of aromatherapy benefits to support your wellness. 

Not all scented candles provide aromatherapy benefits though. Most common candles are made with the addition of synthetic fragrances and substances meaning once burnt they can release chemical compounds that can be harmful to your health. Always look for candles that are made with 100% natural essential oils to take advantage of the aromatherapeutic goodness Mother Nature has to offer.

Here are 5 benefits you may experience when you incorporate essential oils into your daily wellness routine.


Looking to combat those low-energy and low-mood moments? 

Bergamot is one of the most popular essential oils to boost positive emotions, decrease negative feelings and promote an optimistic mindset. 

Combined with citrus essential oils, bergamot will help you rise above your worries and feel more positive about your day. Adding floral oils such as rose geranium and clary sage, you’ll experience an improvement in your mood and overall emotional wellbeing. 

Next time you’re feeling low, take a moment to yourself and light a balancing candle to feel instantly uplifted.


Struggle to unwind and want to feel more relaxed after a long day? 

Promoting relaxation is one of the most common reasons people purchase candles, with many essential oils working on your brain, muscles and nervous system to help you feel more relaxed and comforted. 

Lavender essential oil has calming properties helping to relax muscles, reduce blood pressure and heart rate making it great for helping to improve sleep and aid relaxation. 

Combining lavender with earthy oils such as patchouli not only helps you switch off, but will relax the body and remove any sign of negative feelings.

Try lighting a lavender scented candle and taking a long bath to relax your body and calm your mind.


Thought candles were just there to help you relax? You couldn’t be more wrong! 

Rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus are THE essential oils to promote concentration, provide clarity and improve focus. If you’re needing to increase your productivity, choosing one of these will keep you on track. 

A combination of rosemary, basil and spearmint works to clear the head and stimulate concentration. Adding lemon means this blend will not only improve your productivity, but help you feel good while doing so. 

Make this your WFH essential to benefit from the effects throughout the day.


Ylang Ylang and frankincense are two of the most popular essential oils for reducing stress and alleviating anxiety. Ylang Ylang helps to calm the mind while frankincense helps to relax muscles, slow our breathing rate and promote deeper breathing. 

Combining these essential oils with the soothing effects of vanilla and Peru Balsam will help you to find inner peace and tranquillity.
Next time you face big changes, feel worried or start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to light a soothing aromatherapy candle and you’ll instantly feel a change. 


There’s nothing like the great outdoors to clear your mind! Essential oils found in conifers such as fir and pine and cedarwood are there to soothe, calm and stimulate the mind bringing the benefits of outdoors in. 

A refreshing woody essential oil blend re-energises the mind, grounds you and encourages your mind and body to relax, transporting you to your favourite spot in nature. 

The benefits of essential oils are truly amazing, and there is always a perfect blend to match your mood.