Welcome to 15 Degrees London, From an early age I was obsessed with beauty and a desire to connect people with beautiful objects to help them feel good. For centuries, pearls have been known for their mystic and healing properties.
Associated with trust, honesty and loyalty, pearls can help you master your inner conflicts and boost your mood. Captivated by their beauty and healing powers, I decide to focus my handcrafted jewelry collection on this gemstone. Inspired by my Japanese Akita doggie, Sir Saki and the Japanese tradition of Kōdō, I decided to supercharge our pearls with a treatment of special lavender incense ceremony. Lavender is known to balance and calm our senses and activate our mental healing powers. We weave our pearls in the Asian Shambhala technique, which stands for peace and dignity. Before you wear your pearls for the every first time, hold them in your hands, connect with them and feel the love and magic bestowed on them. Be beautiful and happy!