1. We only work with independent brands - this means businesses that are owned, run or managed by the designer or their families.

  2. We encourage a fair and transparent supply chain - this means no sweat shops, no child labour, and locally produced in small production runs, by artisans or the designer themselves, wherever possible.

  3. No fur or exotic skins - this means that although we sell some animal hides such as cow and lamb, we only sell skins where they are a by-product of the meat industry. We will never sell a product where an animal has been killed for its skin alone. 

  4. We encourage our suppliers to use sustainably sourced wood if making products from endangered or exotic hardwoods. This means that they should not contribute to illegal logging or deforestation and wherever possible, off-cuts and recycled woods should be used.

  5. We encourage all our wellness product suppliers to use natural and non-synthetic ingredients, wherever possible. We also ask these same suppliers to not test constituent ingredients or the finished product itself on animals.

  6. We pay the vast majority of all sales proceeds directly to the brands themselves. This means that they are able to pay better wages to their suppliers, create better quality products, produce locally and leave less of an environmental impact in getting their products to you.

  7. If it's not ethical, we won't do it!