A - M M - E

A - M M - E is affordable designer fashion for contemporary independent women who want to breathe out in comfort, yet with some subtle pizzazz, in clothing versatile for all lifestyles from city to country. Inspired by the designer's life between Italy, London & Devon; all clothing follows the slow fashion ethos and is made in Britain, aside from the cashmeres. The collection range continues with the Victoriana Riding Coats & Skirts, with additions of Dresses and Ruffle Tops in metallic laces, leopards and velour lace. Mix and match sleeves and bodies in the bespoke online A-MM-E shop - and make your item utterly unique. The new and expanding cashmere line, made in an eco project in the Himalayas, is a unique in that it addresses ethics as well as quality - these are pure cashmeres that age beautiful and are super soft to wear available in any colour combo, & classic or more boho design.