A.S Apothecary is a small all women company based in Lewes, East Sussex and a leading light in green beauty, headed up by Amanda Saurin who has been a therapeutic plantswoman for over 30 years. We are utterly unique in the world of skincare in that we grow many of our plants on an organic farm 3 miles away from our workshop - 250 roses, 200 lavender and numerous other therapeutic plants. At the farm we distil the plants in a traditional copper Alembic Still to make our own essential oils and aromatic waters which we make into incredibly beautiful, effective skincare. Every product is made by hand in small batches and labelled with a specific edition.

Our products are not only organic, cruelty free and ethically produced, they are incredible for the skin - employing the power of plants through maceration, distillation and enfleurage. Used in very small amounts, they effectively cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise. We don't believe in producing endless products, we prefer to make a capsule range that can be combined to create multiple products to truly enhance the skin.