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Aflé Bijoux

Aflé Bijoux designs striking and elegant luxury jewellery for any occasion. Inspired by the Akan traditions in Côte d´Ivoire and Ghana (West Africa) that have always honoured women, Aflé Bijoux aims to celebrate women by offering them fine, unique, trendy and culturally-rich jewellery with a meaning to express their strength, independence, self-confidence, self-determination and self-love; values that the brand has epitomized since its inception in 2010. The art and symbolism of the rich and lively Akan culture, blended with modern jewellery designs, reflect the DNA of the brand. Made of 18-carat gold vermeil, 925 Sterling silver, rhodium, precious stones and sweet water pearls, the lines of this jewellery brand include necklaces, sautoirs, earrings, bracelets and rings.
Skilled Artisan
Re/Upcycled Materials
Charitable Donation
Happy Worker
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Aflé Bijoux collection at Wolf & Badger.

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