Alchemy Skin & Soul

Alchemy Skin & Soul is an artisan skincare line crafted lovingly from the purest natural ingredients. We produce our creations closest to nature on a pure natural mountainside in southern Spain. These luxurious offerings for skin and soul capture the raw essence of the elements, the beauty and spirit of nature. Professional formulations centred on purity and ingredients in their rawest forms to bring our skin back to vibrant health while providing sensations that nourish our souls and calm our minds. Our products are created with the intention to promote the creation of little moments of joy, self-care rituals that make us feel and look our best, for within this process we empower our own natures. Raw materials are carefully selected, choosing the highest quality, natural ingredients. Minimum waste. Glass and aluminium recycle-able or upcycle-able bottles and jars. No mineral oils, synthetic fragrance oils or Palm oil. Trading fairly with independent or local producers to supply raw ingredients. No GMO or transgenic products. All oils are cold-pressed, virgin and unrefined. No harm to animals. No ingredient or product is ever tested on animals.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Alchemy Skin & Soul collection at Wolf & Badger.

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