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LIA ARAM's ensembles take you on a journey, from dawn to dusk, from one day to the next, from the inner to the outer, and from skin-like base layers to opulent masterpieces, embodying an allegory of one's true self. Some of the best ways to portray the world involve making its beauty more vivid and vibrant. Once immersed in Lia Aram's universe, everything is enhanced. The feminine aesthetic becomes voluptuous and luxurious, while the shape and cut are elegant yet transformative, allowing you the opportunity to see your best self in the mirror. Under the gentle touch and guidance of the designer, fashion label Lia Aram demonstrates, on both the catwalk and in everyday life, the numerous ways we can be remarkable.
Skilled Artisan
Responsible Packaging
Cruelty Free
Ethical Leader
Charitable Donation
Independent Brand
Happy Worker
Re/Upcycled Materials