Alma Knitwear

ALMA is a luxurious knitwear label of sophistication and elegance characterized by high-quality materials and perfect fit. Launched in 2015 and designed in Vancouver, Canada, ALMA is made from the finest luxe Italian fibers and knitted by hand in Latvia and Lithuania. Our minimalist aesthetic is reflected in the quality of our materials and the simple beauty of our designs. We believe that quality is essential to elegance. Sourcing the finest and softest Italian fibers is just the first step. ALMA creates beautiful knitwear of the highest quality by bringing together superior craftsmanship with classic designs and just the right fibers. Quality. Simplicity. Elegance. These are central to the ALMA Knitwear ethos. We are passionate about our craft and creative process, and enormous time and care goes into every piece we make. By using the best quality techniques, we create exquisite winter accessories. All ALMA Knitwear garments are made with 100% natural, fine, high-quality Italian fibers. Materials range from soft alpaca silk and luxurious cashmere, to Italian woolen fibers and pure mohair. For designer Kristina Dombrovskis, life is at its most beautiful when you can be who you want to be, say what you want to say, and wear what you want to wear. She believes that elegance is an attitude, and elegant women are women of character and confidence. The past is her inspiration for the future. Kristina’s most cherished inspiration is her grandmother, Alma, who taught her to appreciate the importance of good quality. And it is quality that is the most important value of ALMA Knitwear today. ALMA appeals to creative and elegant women. Women who are comfortable in all aspects of their being, who are carefree and confident. That’s who we want to reach. And today we draw, design, sew and buy for her. Here at ALMA Knitwear we understand that style is something that is built over time and is never fixed. We know the importance of determining your own style, on your own terms. We invest in our products with the hopes of creating tomorrow's classics, and we are continually pushing our creative boundaries to achieve this goal. ALMA wants to grow with you through every phase, and we’ll make sure at every phase that you’ll look elegant and confident. We are ALMA Knitwear, and we — like you — cherish all things beautiful and unique.