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Our sensibility is sleeping 'til noon and giving chic the nighttime shift. Inspired by the late night rituals and lazy mornings, Après-midi believes sleep is an integral part of self-care and that we should all go to bed at our most beautiful. Old-world, 100% silk and a new consciousness for zero-waste production meet in our line of sleepwear, lingerie, and overnight accessories. It’s sexy-without-trying, with timeless 'lover' cuts, Italian textiles, custom embroidery and dreamy finishes. Lazy has never looked so lush. Our production aligns with our aesthetic: leisurely, slow and intentional. Our silks hand-picked in Como, Italy, our seamstresses in London, and our founder floating between both, making patterns and selecting trims in between long, après-midi naps.
Happy Worker
Skilled Artisan
Natural Materials
Independent Brand