Arteli is a community with the goal of empowering the people & planet through wearable art. Our pieces represent sustainability, ethics, respect, and style all harmoniously woven into breathtaking handbags. Arteli bags speak for themselves with their vibrant, free-spirited personality.

We have formed a close relationship with female artisans in the small town of Usiacuri, located in the North Coast of Colombia, who are now the magical hands behind Arteli. By working with such talented artists, we have been able to intersect the highest detailed hand creation processes with the highest quality natural materials.

The making process begins with raw Iraca palm tree leaves, dried with earth’s most powerful element, the Sun. Then, the dried leaves are dyed using vibrant colors, which are extracted from various natural elements. This entire process takes approximately three weeks. After this, artisans begin to work their magic, carefully weaving the leaves together to form these gorgeous pieces.