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BAEKKE is Danish design jewellery with main character energy, just like you. Thanks to interchangeable colours, our bracelets go with any of your ‘fits – and you can even use them to share your message, mood, gender or identity… or just choose them just because you like the colours. It’s your call. Our beads are produced in Denmark and our jewellery is made of brass, silver and gold-plated brass with 18K red gold. Designed with a cradle-to-cradle approach, BAEKKE bracelets can easily be recycled or reused when their life is over, so you can feel sure that what you bought won’t hurt the planet. The beads click on and off easily, to change things up whenever and wherever you want – and create endless looks from just one bracelet. A different vibe every day? We love this for you.
Happy Worker
Independent Brand