BAO Skincare

After over 10 years working in the beauty industry & having my own beauty salon, i have gained an abundance of experience in what people want out of their skincare brand. My skin, after always being calm, clear and spot free started to become hyper-sensitive and patchy. I have struggled with Crohns Disease for years, and was put on new medication for my disease, to find that my skin issues along with suffering with weight gain and headaches, were unfortunately side effects of these pesky drugs.

I have always had a huge passion for natural skincare and I have been making natural skincare products since 2012. I studied natural skincare in London of that year and have been making bespoke products for customers, friends and family. Through my love for life, and putting my health first I decided the time was right to launch BAO Skincare!
I wanted to create an natural skincare brand with a difference. I personally create and hand make the whole BAO Skincare collection. BAO Skincare stands for BETHS AROMATHERAPY ORGANIC and the products not only help to improve your complexion, they will help to uplift your energy too. So after hearing all the wonderful feedback from my customers, I have created an effective skincare brand that people could trust and depend on that actually did what it said. BAO Skincare products are only made with beautiful plant based ingredients such as organic nut butters, essential oils and powerful plant & flower oils that actually work to deliver noticeable results. They nourish, heal , repair and cleanse the skin, naturally.

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