Belgin Bozsahin

Belgin Bozsahin is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey and has lived in London for almost three decades. Drawing on the themes of existence, self and identity she creates sculptural ceramic works, installations and wall pieces. A few years ago she branched out to create gifts and home accessories that are born of her art practices. Her handmade porcelain cord pulls are aesthetically pleasing, fulfilling their functional roles with simplicity and elegance, demonstrating a signature approach to everyday objects. These high-quality pulls are unusual objets d’art that adds a touch a wit and humour to cords used anywhere: bathroom lights, ceiling, table and floor lamps, curtains, blinds, ceiling fans or doorbells. Belgin continually adds new items to her collections. The single stem flower hand vase is among her most desired designs. As she says " creating a series of quirky object d’arts with a functional twist has inspired me to branch out. It has brought new challenges but along with it, as well as a lot of fun and gratification. Seeing my work being used in people’s daily lives and how much joy these small touches have brought to my clients inspires me to keep this line of work alive". Last year she created a series figurines in hand coloured porcelain. She says Giacometti's elongated sculptures were her inspiration for those pieces.

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