Betina De Luca + Waiwai

Carioca in essence, with an esthetic sense and passion for fashion, Betina De Luca started her precocious career. At age 18, Bebel was inaugurated, a multiband responsible for connecting Rio-SP with new designers. Connected, she traveled the world for inspiration. A graduate in journalism, she also specialized in fashion, goldsmithing and design marketing, with a degree at the Saint Martins in London.
In Brazil, she passed the style team of the Carioca brand Filhas de Gaia and the marketing of Fashion Mall. In 2012, she opened a clothing and accessory brand Virzi + De Luca, which became a hit in its four-year history with the humorous and enthusiastic pieces from around the world. Now, focuses on its namesake brand, Betina De Luca, and in partnerships with current designers. Creations that are pure lifestyle.