Black House Academy

Audentes Fortuna Audiuvat -fortune is in the people we revere and the experiences we uniquely acquire. It's a desire to create. To construct. To deconstruct. The Academy was sparked by enlightening conversations, resolute determination, and the crazy notion that the status quo of an industry can be met with a new perspective and broadened pursuit. Sui generis spirits engage.

Intentions matter. Who, Where, and Why matters. Our narrative begins with our relationships. Our fabrics are designed with our friends in Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Turkey and Japan. Intricate trims and packaging are made in Italy and the U.S.A. Our engineering is executed at the House of Lamosa, Veloso, and Fiducia in Guimarães and Porto, Portugal. One by one, each piece is cut, sewn and finished by hand in very low quantities. The art of design and the love of execution is the genesis of Black House and the focus of the Academy.

Collections. Not seasons. Interests, ideas, and possibilities. Not trends. Designing and building with people and for people who connect in an intellectual, emotional, and functional way. There is no expiration date on natural form, collaborative ingenuity and experiential knowledge.