Dafna's Personal Skincare

We seek to create natural products, which are based on high concentrations of active ingredients and advanced biotechnology that bring visible results on your skin, your health and wellbeing. We have carefully chosen over 40 natural active ingredients (botanical extracts, essential oils and other advanced biotechnological advanced plant formulations) which work synergistically to create, which are proven to be, most effective, healthy and safe-to-use products. We always use low molecular weight active ingredients so that we can maximize their penetration and effectiveness on your skin and wellbeing. Visible and clinically proven changes can be seen in the skin’s recovery from the accumulated damages of the free radicals. Signs of ageing are delayed and skin texture is improved. Our products also include 100% natural aroma essential oils. These work on improving your wellbeing, either by the olfactory odour or through their absorption in the limbic system.