Ella Impressions

ART holds the secret to all things beautiful, Ella Impressions” Where art meets Fashion created by contemporary Artist & Designer Ella Prakash in 2017. It offers luxury accessories wearable art for both Men & Women, The collection has been designed with precision and curated from the range of organic silks and handmade fabrics and materials. The designs are hand painted and digitally printed onto luxury Authentic Silks, Pashminas, Modals and Khadi. Art has always been her companion it is symbolic of her journey not only as an artist but as a person in entirety, this fashion line is just a more beautiful portrayal which speaks through her paint brush. Ella Prakash creates art with her emotions and that is exactly what you will connect to when you decide to indulge in ‘Ella Impressions’ is a glorious celebration of EMOTION, ART and FASHION all coming together to create a poetic and cosmic magnificence.