Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton, the brand, was founded in October 2008 in Stoke Newington, London. The first collection was stocked by Barneys in New York and each season after, the stockist list has grown.The brand grew quickly through the internet and through her many celebrity followers; Drew Barrymore,Kate Moss,Rihanna, Beyonce and Halle Berry amongst others. One of Fiona’s aims was to make accessories that were effortless to wear yet made a strong statement. Whilst being a designer brand the pieces always have a casual, boho aesthetic that give them an enduring quality. The pieces are hand made using embroidery and craft techniques that are threatened with being lost in the maelstrom of fast fashion. Making is predominantly in India but we also work with local leather workers and jewelers in the UK. A corner stone of the brand is to be aware of its footprint on the world. The company is still based in the UK but its offices are now located in rural Lincolnshire.

VAT: 947508394