Gina Melosi

The Gina Melosi label marries cutting-edge, conceptual jewellery design with ethical principles and materials. A feature of the brand is the highly personalised service coupled with artisanal, small-batch, local production. Production is borne in the heart Hackney, East London, where almost everything takes place in-house, from design, sampling and finishing, to marketing and shipping. Gina Melosi's edgy designs take risks, yet retain a sophisticated classicism, making them items to cherish and wear season after season. The jewels often tread a thin line between delicate and slightly dangerous, bold yet highly wearable, playing with contrasts of form, texture, colour, and meaning, which are manifested in exquisite objects of adornment. The designer’s background in Fine Art Photography and Classical Music informs the conceptual, yet organic designs. A fascination with the broken, overlooked, and abandoned, gives ready-made found objects new life in recycled metals and fair-trade gemstones.

VAT: 127575790