I'M FABULOUS COSMETICS was founded by Anis Lacerte who is a well-known medical esthetician. In her quest to develop world-class skin care products that were innovative and effective, she has worked with chemists, plastic surgeons, cancer patients and burn survivors. With years of experience in anti-aging skin care, skin correction and microdermabrasion, she has developed the line of high potency anti-aging and skin correction products, organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Produced in small batches where we blend each micro batch by hand, and individually hand fill each and every bottle and jar. We purchase our raw materials with artisan farmers, suppliers, and manufacturers who also appreciate quality over quantity. I'm Fabulous Cosmetics products are created by the precision of ingredients that truly make a difference on the skin, leaving out masking-agents, silicones, plastics, mineral oils and toxins because those ingredients do not create skin vitality. Instead, you will find breakthrough anti-aging actives, dermal-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help reduce inflammation and leverage your own biological capabilities to nurture healthy, radiant skin.

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