IF Bags

IF Bags was born in Milan in 2010. The production takes place between Milan and Naples, the distribution is autonomous, because the strength of the brand are the people who work for it, with their passion and with a sort of special mission: "Creating a product which encloses hopes and dreams, in everyday objects". In a short time the brand IF Bags stands out thanks to the word of mouth, and thanks to the hundreds of people who everyday post photos on social networks about their travels, their stories and their days with the "If"on their shoulder. A lot of fashion bloggers talk about it, while the shops are starting to get curious, from Florence to Naples. IF Bags opened two flagship stores, one in Milan and the other one in Mykonos. The brand has now become famous and it is exposed and sold in the best showcases and corners of the world.
IF may not be the backpack for everyone. But people who have something worth to put in it should have one. IF wants to be your safety on the shoulders, wants to be your safe place to lose things and bring them with you. IF the question is how can a backpack make you feel unique, the answer is tied in the ropes that hold it closed. IF Bags is ready to make things concrete, ready to remind you to be honest and simple. Ready to give you a hand and not to lose your house keys... and is very soft.

VAT: 09446370968