ISA III/ Oc was founded by Isabel Ortiz Cardenas, in Bogotá, Colombia. Each piece of our collection is 100 % hand made in limited quantities by Colombian leather and textile artisans. The chromatic virtues of the country are reflected in each of the products, which are the result of non-figurative colours, landscapes and natural elements of the country’s culture. The philosophy behind ISA /III Oc is to create a simple product: a neo-artisanal object which is modern and urban and which reflects beauty and quality, but above all preserves traditions and local expertise. Each handbag is made from vegetable tanned leather which is 100% free of chrome and entirely environmentally friendly, while the ponchos are made from wool and alpaca. Our inspiration comes from Boyacá, a province known as “Bojaca” under its original Chibcha indigenous name, and it means “near the Leader” or “Region of the Royal Manto”. Boyacá has inspired us to consider ponchos as an accessory to handbags. The poncho has been a traditional garment since the Conquest of America, and it has evolved to reflect more advanced weaving techniques. ISA/III Oc does not want to follow trends, but rather offer a product that captures the history and essence of its country, from beginning to end. We strive to transmit our cultural heritage in each multicolour product.