Jardine of London

Jardine of London was born out of the designer Mary Jardine's love for handbags. The inspiration for the gold star used in the brand name comes from the Jardine Star Brooch which was left to Queen Elizabeth II in 1981 by Lady Jardine. The brooch has eight points and a diamond is placed on a knife-wire between each point. The designer is passionate and proud that her bags are made in Britain. The 'City' bags are made of the highest quality softest calf leather whilst the 'Queen' bags are made from soft durable goat-skin from a British tannery - which gives the bags their luxurious feel. All the materials used are of a very high quality. The inspiration for the first bag came from childhood memories of a leather music case – hence the music bar detail. Jardine of London bags are incredibly chic with clean line, but at the same time are functional and practical.