Julie Impens

JULIE IMPENS is a luxury accessories and fine art brand based in London. Named after its founder and owner, the brand was born from a passion for art and design. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins as a jewellery designer and being awarded one of the Best Art and Design Graduates in the UK by Wallpaper Magazine, Julie Impens has expanded her work to the fashion and fine art scene. Julie Impens approaches the designing of scarves the same way she would create her fine art pieces. She tries to imbue a strong story into her creations which translate into intricate, polished patterns with a classical elegance. Julie Impens designs timeless silk garments, with adornments of uniquely elaborate yet elegant patterns. She combines vibrant colours and intricate details to form the essence of her artistic creations. Julie Impens draws inspiration in the Memento Mori movement and the celebration of life it graphically implies. Her fine 100% twill silk pieces are a contemporaneous twist to a timeless accessory. The designs are meticulously hand drawn before being digitally printed onto luxury silks and hemmed in England.

VAT: 238341118