julie sion

Julie Sion is a 10 years old French jewelry brand. All the jewelry are designed and produced in Paris from the design step to the final product. The workshop takes place in Le Marais area, in the heart of Paris. The brand produce romantic jewelry base on the French elegant way of life. Our designs are colorful, joyful, and made with sense of detail. We use antique brass or antique silver plated, glass and resin beads. Our specialty is the earrings. We love making earrings on pin or clip. We also create hair accessories for special events or for every day All our products are nickel free and 100% made in France. We are able to produce small series for custom orders or bigger one with fast delivery thanks to our new productive studio based in Paris - Gatsby Soudure. Julie Sion is the owner of both companies, the first one designs and wholesales, the second one, produces for her brand and also for other one.