Just Face

Welcome to Just FACE, your portal into our world of luxurious, moisturizing and conditioning lip balm, scrubs and facial care products. Each bamboo jar is hand poured with the finest ingredients to bring you a product your lips will love. Our facial towelettes are perfect for a portable, quick facial with lasting results. Each of our 100% All Natural and Vegan ingredients are chosen for the benefits it has to offer you. Quickly fall in love with each hand crafted scent that is designed to smell and feel great. Whether you prefer our earth tones, floral notes or fruit forward fragrances, you are in for an experience for the senses. At Just FACE, we believe in causes that perform cleft lip and palate surgeries for children in developing countries. In many cultures, children with these conditions are considered cursed and are isolated or abandoned. It is important to us that children suffering from these challenges get the surgeries they require to help them eat and speak properly. We want to change the negative stigma because every child deserves a chance. Every child deserves to be loved. That is why with every purchase we are one step closer to helping a child be accepted and giving them a chance to live a happy, loved life.

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