Knots Rugs

In 2014 Knots Rugs MD Bonnie created the 17th Century Collection in homage to her grandfather, going through his collection of carpet reference books as inspiration for what has become one of Knots Rugs most iconic collections. He was a renowned restorer of Persian Carpets who set up weaving schools in London and Egypt.

The 17th Century Classic and Modern are re-interpretations of Polonaise, Mughal, Herez carpets, created in exceptional detail in Persian knot, produced in Jaipur, India. In creating the new 17th Modern Cushion collection, Knots worked long and hard to reflect the quality and detail of the carpets in these stunning new designs.

Over the course of two years they worked with the mills, refining the technique to achieve the attention to detail they were looking for. All the artwork was created and coloured by hand. Different materials were experimented with to achieve the luxury and softness necessary. The fabric on the cushions is woven jacquard with a textural finish that reflects the quality and beauty of the original rugs. Knots Rugs are delighted to launch their first cushion collection into the market.

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