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The brand Kueen (Queen with K) was founded in 2014 by designer Karoline Beritdotter Lenhult with a desire to create something beautiful and sustainable with passion. Through her passion for pattern design she creates exclusive silk scarves, kimonos and other accessories. All designs are drawn by hand with extraordinary details and decorative elements that together build playful and yet elegant patterns unique to the brand. Every scarf or kimono is then exclusively delivered in its own unique box. An elegant unity and an accessory to love and hold for a life time. "My style beacon is Brave Maximalism with Playful Elegance. I love bravery of all kind, especially brave women. Therefore; Be a Kueen. Every day, always" //Karoline Beritdotter Lenhult, Designer and Founder of Kueen. 

Kueen's sustainability and ethical guarantees: