Laetly is a New York-based scarf brand founded by three friends (Joe, Vanessa and Michael) who met while working in marketing and design. Working together, they discovered similar creative outlooks, a shared sense of humor and a collective vibrant aesthetic. It's that spirit that they wanted to capture in the design of their scarves—creating outerwear that is cozy, colorful and bold.

It wasn't just the look of the scarves that was important, the materials mattered. That's why Laetly scarves are made from 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool—all natural, no synthetic fibers—that feels super soft to the touch. Their yarn is spun at a century-old Italian mill that uses the bluesign® certified system—which means they marry old world craftsmanship with the highest level of commitment to sustainable production. While they recognize Italy as a leader in textile production, they are committed to American manufacturing and make their scarves in the USA.

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