Founded by Helen Plummer, Lamler is a new generation mens country/city outerwear brand based in London and the North Devon coast. A combination of traditional British craftsmanship and relaxed luxury style, Lamler coats fuse understated individuality, with a work horse like durability. Influenced by contemporary art, street style sportswear, classic British luxury and a love of the ocean. All the coats are hand made in England including the brands signature waxed cotton prints. Lamler is a family name originating from Switzerland. We care about quality, responsible sourcing, the environment and about working with people that we could consider as friends. We want to make coats with colours that are flattering and can be worn day after day. To create contemporary print patterns that are unique and yet don't wear you. A fit that makes you feel confident, free and relaxed. We want to create a world of beauty for you and we really hope you enjoy it.

VAT: 208093226