MARIA by fifty

Maria by fifty is a Portuguese fashion brand with an edgy, trendy and exclusive design for Modern Men. We're Young, updated and we create clothes with a daring and irreverent design, personality and charisma, that's who we are.

The Legacy comes from Maria Malheiro, the brand inspiration and Mentor, that since the 80s Works in the textile industry and collaborates with several of the most renowned fashion brands worldwide. Ivo Castro, the creative director, has a different approach as he challenges fashion daily and seeks solution for the modern and daring man. Risking is the first word of his dictionary and the collection has always something to appeal.
We value high-end garments based on transparency and quality. The social side is very well defined, all products are made in Portugal by people with the same opportunities as you and I.

This is Maria by fifty. Dare to try, dare to feel.
More than Style, art and creation, it's human emotion.
Our voice is our garments.

VAT: 514608889

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