Millard London


When it comes to lingerie and loungewear, Milliard Lingerie believes that our passion for outstanding quality and fit is second to none.

We specialise in creating beautiful designs that are complemented by delicate fabrics and best quality materials and delivers an unrivalled level of comfort and functionality.

As an independent British Lingerie and Loungewear Brand, we are committed to designing lingerie that our customers can feel good in. We seamlessly marry versatility and comfort that offers a lot more than traditional underwear.

We believe our customers should have the opportunity to choose from a wide choice of lingerie. After all, we are all different and that is what makes our lingerie and loungewear so unique yet intriguing.

Whether you are looking for that piece for a last-minute romantic getaway or something that you can wear regularly, we create garments that are special, sophisticated and developed with our expertise and creativity.


The Millard’s team work closely with manufacturers to ensure that quality of our garments fits the top standards in the lingerie world. Our creations are made with highest attention to details and are crafted from luxurious laces, and softest silk, while maintaining the exceptional fit.


We have meticulously sourced the finest materials to make sure each garment not only looks stunning, but feels luxurious against the skin. We work exclusively with the finest and natural fabrics, selecting best quality silks and the most refined and delicate Solstiss laces, woven in France on 18th century looms.

VAT: 325677579